Yes, we love the manicure, and many of us love those cute, lovely and stylish nail arts and nail polish that comes in a variety of colors. But many of us are also impatient when it comes to drying it. Usually, the polish feels dry in 10-20 minutes, but it actually takes closer to 24 hours for the nail polish to completely harden. Fortunately, with the help of technology, drying nails are not that frustrating now

Nail polish dryer to the rescue!

Most of the salons now are using nail polish dryer to accelerate the drying process. But these nail dryers are not just good for salon use but also applicable for home use, especially for those who fan of doing DIY manicure (or pedicure). This list is for toenail dryers for regular nail polish only. Gel nail polish needs to be cured through UV or LED lamps to solidify.

Polder Nail Station 3-in-1 Nail Dryer & Storage

This nail dryer has a unique design because of its multiple compartments that can be used for holding your necessary manicure tools and nail polishes. It includes a 4-foot long power cord and a strong automatic fan that’s using motion sensors for quick drying process of acrylic polishes, plus it also has UV/LED lights for curing gel polishes. Polder STO-8020-270 Nail Station UV Light

MelodySusie Transportable Nail Drying Fan

This model is a lightweight, travel-friendly nail dryer being operated by two AA batteries. The fan will turn on and will stay in that manner as long as you are pressing down the bottom of the drying are. Get my MelodySusie Portable Mini Cute Size Handy Nail Fan Now

USpicy SEASHELL Portable Nail Dryer

This is a portable nail dryer that uses two AA batteries. It uses a fan to dry your nails and is very convenient to carry wherever you go. However, due to its compact size, you need to dry your thumbs separately from your other fingers. It uses a push button that you need to hold underneath your fingers to keep the fan turned on. Twin Pack Portable Mini Fan nail Dryer

Hug Flight Nail Varnish Dryer

This is an excellent dryer for regular nail polish but not travel-friendly one because it’s big that it can hold both hands at a time. This is suitable for salon use (and even for home use). It uses a sensor that turns the fan on when your hands are placed inside the dryer and will turn-off five seconds after hands are being removed from the drying area. Plus you have the option what air to use; warm or cool. Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer Machine

Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Dryer

The Makartt is a plug-in unit that is simple to operate and is a good fit for salon settings. This is again using a motion-sensor that lets the fan on when you let your hands in in the drying area. Also, has two air settings- cool and warm, and both your hands (or feet) can fit inside the dryer. Nail Curing Dryer

Thermal Spa Professional Automatic

The Thermal Spa Professional Dryer can fit both hands at once, or both feet to dry a pedicure. It adjusts up and down for your comfort and ease, and it doesn’t use heat when drying. Thermal Spa Professional Automatic Black Light Nail Dryer

Belson Profiles Spa Single Hand Dryer

The Belson Profiles Nail Polish Dryer is intended to plug into the wall. It has a more spacious design, but you may still have difficulty fitting all your nails in the dryer at once. This unit comes with warm and cool air settings and uses a switch button to turn it off. BELSON Profiles Dual Hand&Pedicure Dryer

Perfect Life Ideas Portable Nail Dryer

This is a compact size, battery-powered nail dryer (AA batteries) that is suitable for traveling. Since it’s small, you won’t be able to fit your entire hand under the fan, so the drying process may not be that fast as compared to other ones. You can turn on/off the air by pressing the bottom of the drying area of it. Perfect Little Personal Nail Dryer

Elite99 Mini Standard Rechargeable Nail Polish Dryer

Elite99 is a handheld nail dryer model that you can use to dry your nails by directing the air flow into the nails. Or you may dry both of your hands by using the T-stand.  This is a rechargeable type using a USB cord and uses a simple on and off button for usage. It comes with a removal fan filter that is useful for protecting your wet nails from dust. Visit here.

Personal Nail Polish Dryer with 2 Minute Timer

The pink personal nail dryer is perfect and is a battery-operated (3 AAA batteries) nail dryer that has a fan and LED features. The fan will work once you’re pressing down your hand on the drying area and it turns off when you remove your hand. The top section of this dryer also comes with a hand rest that’s useful when you are painting your nails. Personal Nail Polish Dryer with 2 Minute Timers