The Nail Dipping system is among the most popular in the nail the industry right now. Nail dipping powders are easy to work with, most of them are odorless, and you never need the UV lamp to cure them. Yes, no more harmful UV lights. It is really the best nail extension method in the town today.

Another significant factor about nail dipping powders is the fact that they are perfect for both experts and DIYers at home. All it requires is a little practice and patience to set yourself up for success-and trend!

Listed below are top 10 dip powder nail kits to try!

10. Born Pretty Dipping Chameleon Powder System

These dipping powders could be used on both natural nails and fake nails. This kit comes with two options: an ordinary mirror-like finish as well as a glittery metallic finish.

9. UR SUGAR Dipping Nail Powder

This specific starter kit is made up of everything you need to as a newbie to dip nail powder, which includes 5 containers of colored powders, a container of base gel, gel activator, top gel, and brush saver. Anybody who likes light, timeless, neutral nail colors will love the clear, white, pink, and silver powders that this kit includes.

8. Kiss False Nails Salon Dip

Some at-home pros advice that with this dip powder kit, you don’t need to add a lot of base, or else your nail may turn out looking unnaturally thick. It has a beautiful shine finish, includes gel, activator, acrylic powder, cuticle pusher, file, and dip holder

7. Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip Starter Kit

Red Carpet Manicure features up to 21 days of wear with this nail powder dip starter set. A simple tip for applying this dipping kit, when using a darker or neon shade, use a sheer powder base as your first step.

6. Gelish Soak-Off French Tip Acrylic Powder Nail Polish Dip System Manicure Kit

Danny Haile launched Gelish in the year 2009. He’s famously recognized for his accuracy in doing work with acrylic items and was announced two-time International Champion, focused around Competition Pink and White Acrylic nails. Their very own formula will last as much as 14 days, and it has no unpleasant odor.

6. Lavender Violets Dipping Powder Nails Color Package

This brand dedicates itself to helping ladies to save time and money by having salon-quality nails at home. It’s nontoxic and cruelty-free.

5. Kiara Sky Dip System Color Starter Kit – With Clear Coat

This is probably one of the ladies’ most favorite nail dipping system brand. It is nontoxic MMA free, Cruelty-free, odor-free, long-lasting, convenient to use.

4. DipWell Dipping Nail Starter Kit

DipWell nails last an astounding 3 to 6 weeks with no breaking, adding length, protection, as well as an overall glimmer. If you’re seeking to save money, this kit can be utilized up to 30 sets of nails and costs just $39, which is lower than a single salon manicure. Formulated with no harsh substances, plus it’s vegan.

3. MEFA Nail Dipping Powder Kits

MEFA dipping powder contains vitamin E as well as calcium to help nails develop stronger and much healthier. The MEFA nail powder set formula is a lot thinner. Therefore it does not feel like you have anything at all on your nails and stays away from the “heavy” look that other people usually grumble about in SNS manicures. Available in 3 beautiful colors.

2. SNS Dipping Powder Student Set

Are you a first timer in nail dipping method? Then, Student Kit 3 is an ideal choice to do a French manicure. This set includes Seven essential liquids, Three Pink & White colors along with a French dip molding to produce a beautiful nail tip.

1. NUGENESIS Dipping Powder – Beginner Set

NuGenesis dipping powder is enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E for your nails, making it strong and healthy. The powder formula is light-weight and odor free. They provide a long-lasting manicure and create a durable shiny finish.

The NuGenesis Beginner Kit 2 sets up an ideal dipping powder system along with five essential liquids, three Pink & White dusts, and a French dip molding.