Need to take off your gel polish but have no time, money or patience to head to the salon?

Worry no more because you can do it at home by following the simple steps below.

Be Sure You Have the Right Tools for Removing Gels

While having your gel nails expertly removed is ideal, having a little patience, you can accomplish the same, non-damaging results in your own home. To make it possible, you’ll be needing acetone, cotton balls, foil and a wooden nail stick.

Stick to this guide and your nails will remain strong and healthy!

Work in a Well-Ventilated Area

Allow yourself loads of time for the removing process and most significantly, get it done in a well-ventilated space, so you’re not inhaling all the acetone. The procedure can’t really be done in a hurry – you’ll need about 30 mins.

Get a Maximum Strength Acetone

Make sure that the acetone you’re using is labeled as maximum strength and that it does not claim non-acetone.

Protect Your Cuticles

Creating a wall in between your cuticles and the acetone is essential. For this, you may try to use Vaseline or Aquaphor. Since you need to cover your whole nail bed with acetone-soaked cotton to guarantee that the gel is actually eliminated appropriately, that barrier layer will aid from ravaging and drying out sensitive cuticles throughout the process.

Soak it Well

To soak the nail, give one cotton ball for each nail, fully dosing it in acetone. Once soaked, grab bits of foil and tightly cover around nail bed, with the cotton ball positioned directly on the top of the nail. How long you let this stay will depend. It usually takes 20, 30 or even 40 minutes to dissolve the gel correctly. If the nail has drenched appropriately on an excellent timeframe, you should easily be able to remove the gel with just a firm finger-pressure only. If the gel is still becoming stubborn after this time, grab your wooden tool and gently scrape the location.

Hydrate Your Nails

Once all of the gel has been taken out, the nail beds will look dried out as well as brittle at first so you should definitely moisturize it with a nail oil. One more way to bring back nails post-gel is to take a timeout for an overnight, moisturization therapy. You may apply a good amount of Vaseline or Aquaphor to your delicate cuticles as well as gently rub it on your nail beds right before going to bed.

It’s so key for the gel fanatic to know the way to get rid of gel nail polish at home. Gel polish isn’t like typical polish – if you pick or peel at it, you can end up getting white spots, indentations, as well as chips – plus it weakens nails, making it tender and then brittle over-all.