nail shapes

The very best add-ons a girl can have are newly manicured nails, and trimming or cutting is one of the manicure steps that completes it. When cutting your nails, you may use a nail clipper or a nail file. For shorter nails, the nail file is most appropriate for this. But if you have a lot to cut from your nails, nail clipper would be the best option.

Different Nail Shapes:

Oval Nails
For those who have long nails and require a leaner, more girly look, try this form. Oval nails are best for short nails and because it imitates the shape of the finger and provides a longer look.

Round Nails
This particular nail shape is for the traditional woman. If you’re continuously working with your hands and fingers and need to maintain a short nail, this is the better option. The round nail form is also a safe choice since it’s easy to maintain and matches longer fingertips or bigger hands.

Square Nails
Square Nail is the most popular shape of nails. If you want a nail shape besides your natural rounded, this one will not acquire a lot of hard work to take care of. To achieve this form, trim your nails towards the preferred length and file nails in one path directly across the overall nail. To complete the look, file lightly around the sides to clean up any rough edges. This particular nail shape works best for long fingers with a full nail bed.

Squoval Nails
As you possibly can imagine, this particular design brings together the length of oval nails with the contouring of square nails. To get this particular nail shape, begin with an oval nail by filing the edges then tone and flatten the peak of the nail by filing as you would with a square nail, directly across in one path.

Almond Nails
If you wish to take oval nails one step further, try out almond fingernails. Narrow and ending in a rounded point, this form elongates your hands and makes all of them appear slimmer.

Stiletto Nails
This particular nail is certainly for the more bold fashion. The stiletto nail is also referred to as a ‘pointed nail’. It’s also the nail shape preference for those searching for a longer and slimmer look to their hands. Take note, it is the most fragile nail form, and it is often seen done upon acrylic or gel nails to avoid damaging the nails.