I have been waiting so ridiculously long to do these, and I’m pretty sure my family have asked me to do them more times than I can count.

Despicable Minions Nail Art

They are really easy to paint – all you need is a small paintbrush and a dotting tool, plus yellow, blue, grey, black and white polishes!


I started by painting my nails with two coats of M&Buffalo 16 which is a wonderful rich sunny yellow.

Next, I used LA Colors Wired to paint on the top of their trousers on the tips of my nails. 

Despicable Minions Nail Art

I then used No7 Grey Skies and a small paintbrush to paint large grey circles on my nails for the goggles. Once that had dried, I painted smaller circles over the top using Barry M Matt White for the eyes.

Next, I used Nails Inc Black Taxi to paint the straps of the goggles, and then the same polish with a dotting tool for the pupils in the eyes.

Despicable Minions Nail Art

Finally, I used a tiny paintbrush with Barry M Matt White to paint on the little teeth, and Kiko 362 for the tongue!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Minions design today, as they’ve definitely brightened my Thursday morning!

Polishes used…

M&Buffalo - 16
LA Colors - Wired
Nails Inc - Black Taxi
Barry M - Matt White
No7 - Grey Skies
Kiko - 362