Utilizing Nail Dryers in the Home

Lots of people use nail dryers at home for the home manicure to reduce the expense of regular salon appointments. It is one of the main advantages of transportable nail dryers. Honestly, waiting for nail polish to dry naturally is a waste of time, particularly if there are many other things to do.

Professional Nail Dryers

If you’re a skilled nail artist or want to use nail dryers in your salon, you need a UV or LED nail dryer. The advantages of nail dryers such as LED or UV dryers over conventional air dryers are many. Quicker, harder, better.

Let’s talk about LED Nail Dryers!

You can also use a LED nail dryer which is rapidly overtaking UV dryers for many factors. A LED dryer dries nails drastically quicker, and these are safer to use. The general cost of use in cheaper LED light bulbs last around 50, 000 hours plus and attract less power to work. The original outlay can be more costly ( depending on the model ) compared to UV nail dryers and can cure nails in a gang of the time. Cure times utilizing a LED nail dryer are usually quicker. 30 seconds for curing one layer of polish instead of 90 seconds with a UV lamp per layer. Therefore taking times into account, in case you were to do a manicure utilizing a LED nail dryer, curing times are less than two minutes, while using UV can take over 5 minutes.

SUNUV 48W UV LED Nail Dryer for Gels Polish With Sensor

The facts aboug SUNUN SMART DRYER

  • Smart Painless Builder/Hard Gel Curing
  • Smart Double Speed Curing
  • Smart Time Memory Function
  • Smart Sensor
  • Smart Digital Time Display
  • Smart Over-Temperature Protection

Quick Fact about SUnUV Smart LED

Smart Over-temperature control chip
SUN4 detects internal temperature automatically in long term use. When the temperature is too high, it turns to low-power operation and return to normal levels when temperature get down.

If you choose to purchase a LED nail dryer, make sure you buy the gel nail polish appropriate for these dryers.

MiroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp with 4 Timer Setting and 2 Nail Files

Are you tired of using nail lamps that take forever to properly dry your nail gel? Or maybe your current nail light does not use the safest light technology and is harmful to your eyes and skin. Whichever the case, worry no longer because MiroPure has your solution!

What You Get:

  •  1x 36W UV LED Nail Lamp by MiroPure
  • 2x FREE Large Nail Files by MiroPure
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x User Manual

Roleadro 48w LED&CCFL Nail Dryer Suitable for Drying LED&UV Gel

About the product

  • All gel polish can be cured with this uv lamp and last up to 15 days,including UV & LED gel polish
  • Three timer comtrol: the porper timer (30s.60s.90s) enables you to choose the best time for each layer
  • Convenient in using: the detachable base can be remove easily to cure the toe nails and helps for cleaning
  • Auto-sensing. Hands in, lamp on. Hands out, lamp off
  • Slideable cover:you can pull down the cover to protect your eyes from being hurt while the nail dryer working

MelodySusie 54W UV Nail Lamp

Founded in San Francisco in 2009 by cosmetologists Melody and Susie, MelodySusie is a company dedicated to helping women negotiate the elusive balance between work, life, and personal care. Their flagship nail drying lamp has allowed thousands of women to save time and money by getting salon-quality nails at home. Through their hard work, MelodySusie has grown into a popular brand with multiple product lines and a dedicated following of satisfied customers.

Selecting An Ideal Nail Dryer

When determining what nail dryer to purchase, the main aspect to remember is the use. For home and private use which is not particularly frequent, a corded, transportable and battery powered nail dryer is ideal. You should get one which handles one hand each time. They’re easier to move around whenever you’re journeying. However, should you be going to use the nail dryer often, you need to obtain one that connects to the mains instead of the battery-powered nail dryer.

For salons and professionals, your financial budget and quantity of clients would be the most significant components. You want to make use of a two hand dryer simply because it’ll dry your customer’s nails faster and allow you serve more customers. The faster turn-around time enables you to be very efficient and effective. For small salons, you could utilize one and two handed nail dryers.

We suggest using a LED nail dryer for any size of salons. They are ideal to assist you to dry gel and synthetic nails. Your sessions will move quicker and allow you accommodate much more customers each day.