Manicures can make you feel great and having well-maintained hands and fingernails can be the perfect accessory to your look. Whenever you get a manicure, you just feel better, and even quick look down at your nicely shaped nails and cuticles makes you smile with confidence. However, let’s talk about how to take care of your cuticle because a lot of all of us don’t know what to do regarding them.

The cuticle performs an important role in nail health. It provides protection for your tissue that grows new cells to build nails. As we may already know, our nails are continuously growing, that’s why you have to get them manicured. They are made from a hard type of protein known as keratin, which serves as the protection for your fingertips. The cuticle protects the new, smooth keratin as it emerges onto the nail. As the proteins ages, it hardens. Appear farther down your toenail, toward the tip. There, you will find the oldest part of your own nail. If it’s healthful, you’ll find that it’s really firm. Overlooking the proper treatment and attention of your cuticle can not only hold back the opportunity of having long, beautiful, and sturdy nails, but bad cuticle care could lead to infections in your fingernails.

Proper Cuticle Care!

Here are some helpful tips that enable you to keep your cuticles well-maintained so that they serve the important protecting barrier and seal they may be meant to:


  • Never cut your cuticles. If you don’t know how to do it,  then let a nail specialist cut your cuticles. You should test the limits of your cuticles, which is simpler to do if your cuticles tend to be moist. You or the nail specialist will have to soak your nails in a warm water for several minutes to soften it.


  • Moisturize your cuticles. Once you are done moisturizing them, hydrate them again. Cuticles often get dry, so utilize a high-quality moisturizer every day. A great time to moisturize your cuticles is overnight.


  • Avoid using drying agents. Utilizing nail polish remover that contains acetone can dry out your nails and cuticles. Rather, opt for acetone-free nail shine remover. If you are also doing dishwashing at home, make sure to use gloves to protect your hands and nails for getting dry. Putting an oil or moisturizer to your hands before wearing gloves will give you a much better protection.


  • Don’t bite your cuticles. I know some of us has this habit biting the cuticles. This is a very wrong habit or practice. Biting your cuticles may lead to infection, and even a small ‘wrong’ cut enables fungi or germs in, leading to an infection.