We’ve written reviews on Kayline nail polish racks in the past. We’ve particularly praised them for their small footprint, yet durable and sleek look. Many of the racks manufactured by Kayline tend to appeal to those with more limited assortments of nail polish. The PD1 is no exception. Boasting the same brilliant crystal black finish as its predecessors, that is sure to blend well with any bathroom, the PD1 can hold a total of 19 bottles of nail polish. It is evident that the markers of the product took accessibility into account by once again incorporating a multi-level design. Regardless if you have cylindrical or straight edge bottles in your nail collections and professional nail care kit manicure grooming set, they should all fit this rack.

Big Space for your Nail Polish Collection

Although this rack takes advantage of horizontal space, it doesn’t require an immense amount of room to serve its purpose. You could easily stow this unit alongside the back edge of your countertops and have plenty of remaining space. The bottom tier has space for 10 bottles. We would reserve these slots for those colors that you find yourself using regularly. Although the top tier could serve the same purpose, you might unintentionally dislodge some of the bottles on the lower level since they are not fully shrouded in. This brings us to the issue of maneuvering the entire unit around. Since there is no mechanism that surrounds the bottles on all sides, transporting the unit is difficult without being extra attentive. This is an improvement that Kayline should consider making in the future. With that said, you can’t expect all these features from one of the cheaper nail polish racks we’ve reviewed here. Don’t let the word “cheap” fool you though. This is a high quality unit for the purpose it’s meant to serve.

Easy to Clean Nail Polish Rack

In respect to maintenance, this unit is the perfect choice for anyone who refuses to clean the nooks and crannies of their nail polish rack on a regular basis. Since this unit has none of the acrylic which we have all grown fond of seeing, it won’t show dirt and grime that easily. Furthermore, if you happen to spill some polish on its surface, it won’t be as easily visible. The black finish is very durable and won’t succumb to scratching overtime as you would expect from acrylic.

In conclusion, we can say that Kayline has delivered a very solid unit with its PD1 product that should be more than sufficient for those with modest collections of nail polish. You won’t find the need to conduct price comparisons for the Kayline PD1. It is already a very affordable unit, and the shipping costs associated with buying it online won’t set you back much.

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