What is SNS Nails?

When you are requesting for an SNS nails, you’re actually requesting for it by the brand name of dipping powder. But typically, dip powder is an acrylic, powdered manicure in which you utilize powder to adhere to the nail with glue.

Much like your typical manicure or gel manicure, you select from a selection of polishes or gelous colors. There will be a dipping powder of a comparable shade for you to pick out. Ask your nail technician for a look at all the colors so you can get very creative with brand-new colors as well as trending nail art and fun nail designs if you so choose.

SNS Nails Advantage

One factor people love about dipping powder is it’s odorless. SNS nails, like Kiara Sky, don’t have the same acrylic odor that usually is included with nail polish.

If you’re very sensitive to odors or have allergic reactions, it could be a great option. In addition, as opposed to a gel manicure, you don’t need a UV light to harden the actual dipping powder. This makes it really ideal for those who are nervous about the possible harm of UV lamps to the skin area around your nails. All gel nail polish needs to be cured at least twice, which can also take a bit of extra time. Despite the fact that the so-called SNS nails are often a few bucks extra at the nail beauty salon, many find the lack of odor and UV light really worth the price.

How Do You Apply SNS Nails Dip Powder to Nails?

Almost all nail technicians put on dipping powder in the same manner. It’s just a couple of simple steps. You start by putting on glue towards the nail with a brush, the way you apply nail polish, you then dip the nail with the glue into the colored powder. Then you pull it out and shake off the excess powder. After which, you apply more glue. The final step is spraying the accelerator on the glued powder nail to make it dry. The purpose of the accelerator is for the nails to harden and to dry the colored powder. This particular sealer is what’s in place rather than the UV light. Should you be getting nail art, the nail tech will often use the nail designs at the end on top of the gelous color and then seal it all together having a topcoat.