SNS or Signature Nail Systems is a famous company of dip powder nails that delivers really beautiful effects to your nails. Not only do they have a wide variation of stunning shades, but their finish is very durable. And one of the biggest bonus of SNS is their coatings that do not have an unpleasant smell, and they secure claws from harm. The fact is, the dip powder manicure incorporate nourishing substances like calcium and vitamins that improve your nails.

 SNS is definitely harmless for your fingernails. If you have ever gotten an acrylic manicure, you recognize how harmed your fingernails are once you remove them. With acrylic nails, your fingernails will no longer be even and smooth, but rather feels rough because of the ridges, it gets weak as well, and not resilient and can even be distressing.

Exactly How Are SNS Nails Differ To Shellac and Acrylic Nails?

 If you don’t pay close attention to SNS nails, you won’t recognize that it’s actually SNS and not acrylic or shellac, because they look almost similar to shellac and acrylic nails. But the distinction is the technique applied to produce the complete look.  With SNS nails, no painting is required because the powder is already colored, plus, zero dry time.

Even though SNS Nails gives you a lot of rewards, it would not be reasonable to overlook the disadvantages.


  •  Long-lasting finish that lasts for two weeks or for a longer time
  •  Dip powders have nourishment to tone nails’ health.
  •  SNS nails offers helpful training and certifies nail technicians in their technique
  • A vast amount of shades, from French manicure to your favorite glittery finish.
  •  Dip powder procedure is a lot less damaging to nails
  •  No strong smell


  • Cannot be filled and need to be taken off and reapplied
  • Removing process exposes the nail to polish remover and sanding.