Nail decals primarily work as nail art. You traditionally purchase them in pre-cut sizes that cover your full nail, or as decals or appliqués that will add style and pattern to your current nail look.

Here are some fruit nail stickers. We love the look. The con is that it take a little longer to apply them and needs some tweezers. but look how awesome they look. Finger Licking good!


One of the fantastic factors about nail design stickers is that you can attain delicate and artful details on your fingernails without paying a nail artist a great deal of bucks to make them. This kind of savings also implies that you can afford to alter it up on a regular basis.

Nail Polish Strips are Different from Nail Stickers

In contrast to polish strips, some nail stickers have a small dimension to them, so the designs frequently appear like they’ve been painted on. The stickers usually come on transparent sheets that help you look at various positions on your nails prior to peeling them off.

The stickers should be easy to remove, generally just by soaking in warm water and peeling them away – and the huge advantage is they don’t ruin your nails. They’re waterproof and when you use clear nail polish over them, they will last a lot longer.

Nail Stickers Pros

One of the many downsides of nail stickers is the size and application method. The stickers come in one size fits most, and also the dimensions don’t always complement your nail size, which means you may have gaps on the edges. Stickers can be difficult to get on just right, especially when dealing with your nondominant hand. In case you apply stickers near the tips of your nails, they will chip together with your nail polish, so it is ideal to have them on the nail bed.

Nail Stickers Cons

One of the most significant pros is that they’re easy and quick, but if you want to include glimmer that nail polish usually provides, at least you will still have to put on a clear base coat. And even though the decals do come with an adhesive back, it’s not intended to be long term, so if you need them to stay on for some time, you will also need to add a clear topcoat.