Nail art is an art of drawing or painting different types of patterns on the fingernails/toenails which include taping, drawing with brushes, stamping and so much more.

Painting Nails With a Brush

This method is like any other painting which you could use a range of brushes, that are most suitable. Usually, ones using synthetic bristles are suggested. One can draw any design or pattern of choice by taking the help of these types of brushes.

Sponging Technique

You can use this method for getting gradient and achromatic type of styles on nails. The result you get after using sponge would probably be scattered and bespattered.

Stamping Technique

As far as nail stamping technique is concerned, first the image that is printed on the nail must be covered by the stumpy coating of special nail chemicals in the image plate. Later on, you can use scraper firmly throughout so that only nail polish is seen as a residual in the pattern. Then a stamper is utilized in rolling oscillation to cream the image, and then this graphic is systemized on the nails.

Taping Technique

The base color is originally put on the nails, and then the tape is cut into small pieces and later on applied to the thoroughly dried nails. The tiny pieces of tapes will be applied to those areas of nails which are to be left in the base color itself. After that, you can apply the next coating of the color you would like to use on the unified nail. Finally, you can remove the tape lightly.

Digital Nail Art Technique

These days, digital nail art devices have come up. These devices are more often used in beauty salons. The method is usually automated, and therefore it takes less time to get the ideal nail art look.

Airbrush Nail Art

Airbrush machines bring drizzling paint on nails. These are combined with stencils or even stickers to obtain ideal look. First, a base coat is applied, then the stencil is allowed to allocate on the toenail, and the airbrush machine is created in use to paint the actual wishful design. Later the actual stencil is slightly eliminated, and acetone is used to take out the paint if obtained split in some instances.

Nail Art Decals and Stickers

Art stickers and decals are new great methods to accentuate your nails magnificently.

Splatter Nails

One can use a fan brush stroke to make stylish looking splatter nails. However, the home remedy for this could be utilizing an old toothbrush for the same effect. You will acquire a nice, splashy, vibrant nail graffiti look with this, therefore steering clear of all the clutter through paint.

Water Marble Nail Art

Water marble nails are a nail art method that involves dropping nail polish into crystal clear water and creating a design on the water surface, and the design is then deported to the fingernails. This method is very well-known nowadays as you can make various styles from it.

Sharpie Nail Artwork

One can also use this sharpies’ technique to make smart and highly accurate designs. Make sure that the style you are considering is completely dry before you add on the last top coat, or else you will ruin your nail work.