Nails can be one of the most robust regions to maintain, particularly if you’re one to engage frequently in gel manicures or acrylics. Hand-heavy activities like specific sports activities, gardening, or the use of harsh chemicals while cleaning can impact the health of the nail. Below are some of the simple ways to repair damaged nails.

Apply Cuticle Cream/Oil

One of the simplest methods to repair damaged nails would be to apply a cuticle oil followed by a hand lotion. Cuticle oil is very noted for its vitamins and nutrients contents, and the hand cream helps lock the moisture. Moisture loss is a typical warning sign of gel nail damage. You can apply cuticle oil more than once a day or even overnight.

Relax Your Nails in Olive Oil

If you don’t want to spend bucks on pricey nail creams and oils, you may try to use olive oil as an alternative. Soak your nails in olive oil for about 10 to 15 minutes every day. If you have problems with dry skin, soaking your feet or hands during dry winter months) can be a deluxe therapy for both nails and skin.

Increase Your Biotin Intake

Among the best nourishment for hair, skin, and nails is biotin intake. Take in 30 micrograms every day, and think about integrating a multivitamin into your daily health care routine. This doesn’t give you immediate results, but it works without a doubt. Just keep in mind that your nails take three months to grow out from its root to tip. So be consistent with taking your biotin supplement, and you’ll see eventually get healthier and stronger nails within three months.

Massage Your Fingertips

Fingertips massage is yet another way to repair damaged nails. You can do this after you have put on some cuticle oil on your hands and fingers. Additionally, filing your nails every three days could also promote blood circulation, which can boost the distribution of essential vitamins and minerals and boost circulation.

Hydrate With More Water

Damaged nails are usually the consequence of insufficient water in the body. Make sure you’re consuming plenty of water every day, and up your consumption of nutritious hydrating food items.

Opt for Milder Polish Removal

Traditional nail polish removers contain acetone, and they have a harmful effect on nail’s health. Among the best ways to repair damaged nails is to limit your exposure to chemical-heavy solutions. You could use some polish remover which is gentle for your nails such as Ella+Mia Soy Polish Remover.

Protect Your Hands and Nails with Gloves

Our hands come into contact with a vast array of harsh ingredients day after day. Prefer to use mild cleansers and cleansers, and put on gloves when you’re doing work that might be harsh on your skin and nails.

Moisturize Your Nails Often

Getting yourself into the habit of using lotion after you wash your hands can be an excellent way to repair damaged nails continually.