It’s time to pamper those tootsies! If this is the first time that your feet are seeing the light of day all year long, it’s time for you to give your toes and your entire feet a little indulging. From pedicures to foot massages, here’s a look at four easy methods to pamper your toes this summer.

Easy Ways to Pamper Your Toes for Summer

Experience Foot Spa at Home

There’s absolutely nothing far better after a long day at the workplace or even a long stroll on the beach than offering your feet a little dip. A little water dip helps in relieving stress to your tiny toes. One of the most proven practices is actually the most effective approach to take – fill up a dish or pot, big enough for both your feet, with warm water. Put in a heaping scoop of Epsom salt and soak away. Put a bit of peppermint or if you have essential oils like lavender oil or rose essential oil. As soon as you’re done soaking your feet for 30 mins, wrap up on the moisturizer, and you’re all set.

Make your Own Organic Exfoliator

Mixing honey, raw sugar, peppermint oil, and coconut oil, mix up a special exfoliating treatment just for your feet. Softly rub the mixture on dry spots such as heels and the bottoms of the feet to get everything soft and smooth – and looking great. Wash with warm water, hydrate, and you’ll be surprised at exactly how soft your feet will be.

Whiten the Yellowing Toes

It happens to any or all of us from putting on much polish for too long: your nails start to change a tinge of yellow-colored – and that’s not good. Try to give your toenails a little whitening therapy with whitening toothpaste. Simply distribute it on the yellowish nails and lift your feet for 20 minutes, then rinse and you’re all set to go.

Give Yourself a nice DIY Pedicure

If you can’t make it to the nail salon – don’t worry! Just do it using all of the treatments listed above and be sure to give those nails a great trim. Once everything is trimmed up, make use of an emery board to soften the edges and get all your nails even and straight around. Also be sure to use a skin moisturizer, trim and tidy up cuticles. In case painting your own nails isn’t simple for you, just go with some coat of clear polish. However, if you’re experienced with nail polish, then go for it!

Lovely Summer Pedicures