You can find a substantial variety of ready-to-use nail-art items accessible on major nail shops nowadays. That just means that we don’t have to head to a high-end salon each time we desire to do our nails because we can create the very same outcomes very simply at home.

If you work with a good-quality topcoat and nail polish for your nail art, you will discover it will last quite a while. China Glaze nail polishes, when used as first and topcoat, will provide results that last about seven days.

What Is a Water Slide Nail Stickers?

A water slide sticker is a pattern or graphic, large or small, that is imprinted using a specific paper. If it is placed into water, a layer in between the photo and the backing paper softens, letting the graphic or design to slide off, which will can then be transported to your nail.

Water slide stickers are a lot thinner compared to vinyl stickers, and they are an excellent way to make salon finish nail art in just a couple of minutes. There is a limitless selection of them on the market these days; from French nail art to full nail style, from heart patterns to floral prints, from swirl patterns to  retro nail sticker lines,  from Spring to Winter designs, there is absolutely no lack of exciting choices.

How durable are water slide nail stickers?

These types of stickers are long-lasting and appear gorgeous even after seven days. They are offered in an extensive selection. A few needs to be put on on a white base, and some on any kind of color, some are tiny patterns plus some are full nail layouts. Even full sheets of water stickers are also available in several choices. You can trim them based on your needs and nail dimensions. I hope this helps you with your next nail art project!