When cutting vinyl nail stickers see to it that your stickers are sized appropriately to fit in your nails before making the cut. The dimension of the nail art stickers will rely on where you’re putting the vinyl nail styles: an adult’s fingers or toes, a teenager’s fingers or toes or a kid’s fingers or toes.

Certainly, based on the vinyl sticker sizes and length of your nails or the age of the adult or kid, you may need to modify the sizes a bit.

Vinyl Nail Decal Sizes

Vinyl Nail Decal Sizes for Adult Women:

Big Toe – 0.4″ x 0.45″

Fingers – .025″ – 0.32″ x 0.35″

Polka Dots – .09″ – 0.11″

Vinyl Nail Decal Sizes for Kids:

Big Toe – 0.32″ x 0.35″

Fingers – 0.20″ x 0.22″

Polka Dots – .09″

Proper trimming of small vinyl nail designs on silhouette are the following guidelines:

Cutting vinyl as tiny as it needs to become is not hard if you’re utilizing the correct cutting tool, a mat that’s sticky enough to keep the vinyl securely in position, have the correct cut adjustments, and choose the right style.

It all begins with selecting the right style. When you are trimming this small, it’s best not to pick excessively complicated patterns. Patterns that are ‘solid’ rather than those that have cut in the layout are simplest to cut.

Preferably, something like Silhouette Premium Blade or the CB09 must be used when trimming little complex vinyl styles. The blade drags through the vinyl at a various position compared to the typical ratchet blade, stopping the vinyl from ripping as it makes the small slashes.

Decreasing the speed to a 2 in the Cut Settings panel in Silhouette Studio you will also be able to get a much better trim on tiny layouts, particularly complex layouts.

I hope this helps you with your next nail sticker project. Just remember that, if you have your stickers sized and cut correctly, and a little bit of patience nail art skill, you’ll surely achieve the nail design that you wish to wear!