sparkle polish

sparkle polish

Searching for a unique Valentine’s Day gift? Customize it, or look for something unique. For the best Valentine’s gifts, celebrate with a present that holds value for you and your partner. Enjoy your great love with a wall print that has your names etched on a sandy seaside or the bark of a tree, or make the bed using whimsical His & Her pillow sheets. With customized Valentine’s Day diamond jewelry for her, she can hold your message of love all year long.


manicure kitMake Your Own Nail Polish Kit

Select your own beauty experience with this radiant DIY nail polish kit. Wanting a girl’s night out that is hard to forget? Well, this particular DIY kit includes eight shades you can mix and match by using blending tools and funnels, generating a customized bottle of custom-colored, glossy lacquer. This manicure kit is put together by Amy Schofield in California.

T3 Micro

Beating Heart in a Bottle Sculpture

Through the power of the law of gravity alone, the human body’s most symbolic body organ “beats” within a transparent glass bottle. Physics and poetry meet within sculptor/inventor Philippe Bouveret‘s impressive, authentic work of kinetic artwork, a fountain having a heart that “beats” nearly like a real one. Along with clever know-how and an experienced art sense, Bouveret has established a simple visible metaphor for life and love. Inside the crystal clear glass bottle, drops of water flow down in regular periods from the round glass top, tugging together the two halves of the heart, which are attached to a metallic cable. Passionate, moving, a bit uncanny, and even just a little playful, the Heart in a Bottle sculpture conveys something all of us show, simply because as long as we are still living, our hearts continuously beat.

A Surprising Bouquet of Roses

At first, they just look like yet another normal bouquet, but when she truly looks at all of them, she’ll be disappointed for a moment that you gave the woman fake roses until the girl opens the locket rose and finds an engagement ring! These are particularly ideal if you are considering of proposing to your beloved one.


Golf Mug with Hole

Putter around on your break with this particular 18th-hole mug, which incorporates a miniature club and ball. Whether you want tea, coffee, or very hot cocoa, this sporty mug will help you cope with the back nine of your day. Its highlighted surface has an actual opening at the 18th hole so that you can use the integrated miniature golf club and ball to putter around on your short coffee break. The actual club even has a pre-installed ballpoint pen intended for keeping score.

Wedding Keepsake Library

Arrange and protect cherished wedding mementos with this library-style product. Most couples have a loose collection of beautiful wedding pictures, wedding invitations at risk of being old and wrinkly and ruined, and real items like a dried boutonniere or hairpiece, all but neglected in a basement box. Arrange and preserve those appreciated keepsakes from your big day with this particular library-style product and its highlighted labels, acid-free compartments, up and down files, and sweet small fabric bags and sewed envelopes. A cloth-covered case resembling a museum-quality book helps make this design and style an eye-catching method to enjoy revisiting romantic remembrances.


Heart Dish

This dreamy, stained glass bowl keeps your treasured items of jewelry beautifully sorted out. This particular dreamy, stained glass dish keeps your precious pieces elegantly sorted out, on display, and at your fingertips. The handmade copper heart crowns your treasures with semi-precious orbs of tiger eyes, amethyst, and copper. This was Handcrafted in California by Ellen Bartfeld.