In the fashion industry, ladies know that a manicure is a compulsory element of the image. In fact, special attention should be given to it because it is essential not only to keep track of the condition and health of your nails and cuticles but additionally find a fascinating nail design to put on. When it comes to a pedicure, unfortunately not many girls can boast of. In anticipation of the summer season is the time to make it better. After all, this year’s summer will be a good deal of design and style choices. Therefore each woman will easily choose something for themselves.

 For everyday lifestyle during the entire summer season, solid colors in the pedicure are the best option. It is a kind of classic that will be suitable even though you work in an office. As for the color option, we encourage you to start with your personal choices. However, the best option is the classical Nude. You can also select pastel colors because it suits to all outfits and the summer season. Here are a few of them:

As for the dark-colored polishes, this is a very questionable choice. A person might think it’s unacceptable in the summer season, but others continually decide on it. However, it was never provided in the number of anti-trend, so if you like such color, feel free to use it for a pedicure. However, here are some nice dark colored nail designs you can try this summer: