Nail polish strips are the latest fad in the nail industry today. It is so easy to put on and has zero dry time. It also comes in thousands of shades and patterns, and last for as much as 14 days! And of course, they last much longer on toenails!

One of the Best Toe Nail Polish Strips

You truly can not defeat polish strips that were applied on your toes. Many of us are so impatient when it comes to drying time.  With nail polish strips, you don’t have to hang on for your nail polish to dry and they last so great!  Furthermore, they are really thin, so you do not ever have a heavy sensation, as you will obtain with gel pedicures.

Once you apply nail polish strips to your toenails, be sure you prepare your nail bed very well first. To start with, make sure to clean your feet in the shower thoroughly. The moment your nails are dry, push back your cuticles really well with your favorite cuticle pusher and buff off dry skin using a smooth buffing block. Trim and shape the free edge, then use the right amount of foot lotion. Be sure you clean off your nail bed with a polish remover to get all of the creme from the base; then you definitely are ready to put on your polish strips.

Here are a few of nail polish strip styles from Amazon!

These are so inexpensive, and you can completely combine styles and colors. Make sure to keep your strips secured and airtight though, given that they will reduce their adhesiveness if they may not be secured.

Polish Strips for hands

Nail polish strips are so handy for a fast mani! You are able to basically apply and go! A manicure using polish strips will usually last for a week.

The Best Nail Polish Strips on Amazon

Listed below are a couple of the best nail polish stickers and strips from Amazon. Stick to the same preparation on the hands as you would for the toenails. I specifically enjoy glitter strips or glittery nail stickers because they seem to last forever, like the majority of glitter polishes.