Most individuals try to provide themselves manicures, but it is no easy process. In case you don’t do the manicure correctly, you could turn out destroying your nails. The proper focus needs to be made to everything from taking off the old nail polish to putting a primer on your nails. This whole process is really an art form which implies that you will need all the finest resources and products available to support you.

The first main item you will need to have is a manicure table. It does not matter if you’re doing your own nails or someone else’s nails. All serious manicures must be accomplished on a manicure table.

So whether or not you’re a professional nail specialist or just somebody who paints their nails then here are the top 10 manicure tables that you can find and buy on Amazon.

Portable Models

Portable Manicure Table by LCL

This model is perfect for you if you are on a budget, and you need to have one thing for travel, or even need to be able to fold down and store your manicure station in between uses.
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Cost: $49. 88

  • Includes a free carrying bag
  • Option of colors
  • Slide- out compartment
  • Locking wheels
  • Armrest included
  • Acetone-resistant

Portable and Foldable Nail Station by Yaheetech

For another portable choice, Yaheetech has a bigger and only somewhat higher priced design to take into account. This type has a curved design giving one side less difficult and better accessibility to the length of the counter.
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Cost: $57. 99

  • Has locking wheels
  • Comes with padded armrest
  • Carrying bag
  • Wrist Cushion
  • Choice of color
  • Curved style

Stationary Models

Quartz Manicure Station With Vent by Dream in Reality

An increasingly professional manicure table design that has clean white lines of it that are eye-catching, contemporary, while continue to being effective with your space. This desk is vented and had a dust collecting fan down the middle of the table to draw away smells and air-borne particles.
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Cost: $559

  • Salon-quality model
  • Sturdy quartz surface
  • Storage space
  • Great LED lights
  • Built-in areas for UV lighting
  • Dust vent
  • Matching trolley available

“Exceptional” Black Manicure Nail Desk Train station by Icarus

The Exceptional Manicure Desk from Icarus hits a perfect balance in cost, dimension, and professional appearance. If you are limited on an area, this surely provides you with sufficient room to do your work, but no sufficient area to really spread out. It’s certainly too hefty to be considered portable. However, it’s easy to store in a home or a professional setting that does not do too many manicures.
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Cost: $249. 99

  • Space-saving table turns to a trolley
  • Storage area with lock
  • Hidden nail polish display
  • Has wheels
  • A great middle price point

Vented Manicure Table by Dina Meri

If you want a lot of space, check out this particular manicure table by Dina Meri. This table is 16 inches deep and 60 inches long that’s considered to be a ton of counter area for you to spread out your workstation. In the middle of the desk is an activated charcoal filtration system vent which is designed to gather and filter out fumes and chemical smells, but is not really particularly developed for gathering dirt and particles so you still need a separate dust collection system.
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Cost: $488. 88

  • Lots of counter area
  • Acetone-proof surface
  • Variety of easily locked storage
  • Charcoal vent for odor reduction
  • Includes light and arm rest
  • Offers two nail polish stands

Artmequid 360 Manicure Table

If you’re searching for something distinctive and head-turning, you need to see the Artmequid 360 manicure table model. It has a spinning cylinder of storage options resting underneath the table and you’re not going to find another manicure station which looks like this one.
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Cost: $385

  • Unique storage space options
  • Large nail polish display area
  • Acetone-proof surface
  • Sufficient work space
  • Matching stools available
  • Has wheels
  • Durable laminated wood design

Mona Lisa Manicure Table by BR Beauty

The Mona Lisa by BR Beauty is a beautiful and classic type of manicure table. The full size of the workstation is sturdy glass for an acetone-resistant surface area that’s simple to clean.
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Price: $649

  • Luxurious and fashionable
  • Acetone-resistant glass surface area
  • Nail polish storage display units
  • 3 drawers
  • LED panel
  • Built-in plugs
  • Secondary space below the counter
  • Option of colors

Glass Glow Manicure Table With Vent by Dermalogic

If you want something that is acetone-resistant glass but still needs a vent, then this specific manicure station by Dermalogic features a full glass work area with a frosted, smoke-tint and a main built-in vent.
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Price: $488. 50

  • Acetone-resistant frosted glass surface
  • Vented
  • Good size work area
  • Integrated padded armrest
  • Great storage space
  • Option of color
  • Contemporary, floating model

Romantic Manicure Station With Vent by Dream In Reality

This sleek asymmetrical model from Dream in Reality was designed using real wood with a high gloss finish. If you are concerned about acetone leaks, a tempered glass counter top is offered at your request for an additional charge.
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Price: $399

  • Built-in vent
  • Long work area
  • Great LED panel
  • Locking storage
  • Choice of glass surface area
  • Durable wood structure

Jasmine Manicure Station by Aegean Salon Decor

If a vent is not in your priorities and you’re searching for a less expensive alternative, the Jasmine Manicure Table has similar functions to other professional manicure tables except that it has no vent feature and surface will need protection.
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Price: $199

  • Inexpensive for a stationary desk
  • Large work area
  • LED lighting panel
  • Secure storage
  • Nail polish display
  • Cushioned armrest included