DIY manicures could help you save a lot of cash, however, regular nail polish chips within days after application. That’s why many nail product brands have started to market at-home gel kits that guarantee long-lasting, salon-quality manicures. Gel polish sets have taken over the market, but these days there’s even better at-home manicure method loved by most women out there, which is the Dip powder nail kits.

The application method is amazingly easy to learn and offers you total control over your results. For gorgeous fingernails that won’t fade or chip for up to 3 weeks or even 30 days (YESSS! ), powder dipping method is the way to go.

Here are the latest top 10 powder nail brands that we recommend for you!

Nugenesis – Now That’s Black

Those who love dramatic shades will undoubtedly enjoy the Nugenesis – Now That’s Black. The easy four-step system includes cleaning prep fluid, base and activator gels, and a quick-drying topcoat for exquisite results for your fingernails. This is inexpensive compared to salon prices. So it’s doesn’t just look great on your nails but friendly to your pocket as well.

Makartt – All-Inclusive Solution

This is an elegant color palette of baby blue, white, and various shades of pink make up the Makartt All-Inclusive Gel. It’s an excellent variety for generating looks that match up a formal outfit, such as for wedding and prom and any other special occasions. Your nails will sure be a standout and elegant. Plus they have the burgundy collection perfect for those who are wanting to be bold and edgy!

Cuccio Pro

The Cuccio Pro features more finely ground colors for a flawlessly even, sparkly beautiful look. The handy cleaner liquid could keep each of the six applicator brushes from turning into stiff and unusable due to powder and top coat accumulation. This set is really perfect for every girl out there who wants to play around with the colors. This setup works like a charm for every woman. It just takes some patience but it’s very user friendly. Make sure to brush excess powder off your nail even after you have tapped off the excess.

Joya Mia

The Joya Mia is supplied in 18 color trios, so getting a choice that suits your distinctive individual fashion is all but assured. Its formulations and powders apply very quickly and also work together to create nails that look brilliant for weeks.

Lavender Violets

This nail dip kit is available in 5 thoughtfully curated shade mixtures, the Lavender Violets is really a suitable solution for those who are discriminating about nail polish. It’s also a cruelty-free product, so you can really feel as great about your order just as you do about your manicure.

Kiara Sky

With different tones of pink from light to medium to dark, the Kiara Sky enables us to attain the best neutral manicure no matter your complexion. Additionally, its nourishing brush-on oil will undoubtedly guarantee your cuticles remain healthful and moisturized. It is quick and easy to use, and the manicure results are beautiful, even if it’s the first time you do it.

Gelish – Hand & Nail Harmony

Along with three girlie hues, the Hand & Nail Harmony from Gelish features a tiny container of soak-off solution that helps make removal so easy. It will also be used to clean fingertips of dirt and oil before dipping for longer-lasting effects. This set really creates a really durable, long-lasting manicure that will add sparkle and shine to your nails for up to 14 days without chipping. Wow!

8 Colored Premium Nail Powder – Wenida

This particular Nail Powder is ten Micron and is made of totally pure Synthetic Resin Powder, nontoxic, long-lasting. Smooth as well as non-grainy texture, giving much better effect on your nails. This particular kit is ultra gleaming nail powder that is available in 8 amazing shades: Laser Silver, Hot Pink, Rose Gold, Purple, Deep Blue, Silver, Champagne Gold, Red, brilliant colors satisfy all your choices of nail art. There’s no special nail art skill is needed, just check in the instruction, and it will be quite easy and get perfect. The vibrant nail powder is ideal to be applied on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails and so on, a helpful DIY device for nail art style.

ANC Professional Nail Dipping System Kit

The ANC nail dipping system is infused with vitamin E and calcium, making it environmentally-friendly and safe to use. Also, in contrast to gels and acrylic, it really is gentle to the nail bed and is free from unwanted odor for healthier-looking nails. This dip system is super easy to utilize and is sold with an easy-guide DVD for a lot easier understanding. This can last up to 2 to 3 weeks with no chipping.

TP Nails Care

The TP Nails Care includes a file and a three-sided barrier for prepping, in addition to a kabuki brush intended for eliminating extra powder. Six functional colors make it easy to make manicures to match any attire.