Celebrating Christmas is not just about giving gifts, setting up Christmas tree, singing Christmas jingles but more importantly, it’s about spreading love to one another. And hey! Don’t forget your Christmas fashion. During Christmas season, a lot of nail artist and those aspiring ones are getting ready to find inspiration for their next nail design to match the season.

Whatever your desire, Christmas offers many sorts of inspiration and concepts for those attempting to make a holiday statement through their nail art. Find out nail design inspiration which highlights every festive emblem.

Go through these top 10 Christmas nail art designs.


The thin lines of various shades of gray look like draping icicles which are an ideal twist to the famous gradient manicure.

Red and Gold Magic

Red is one of the famous shades of Christmas season. A traditional red polish is absolutely Christmas-worthy. An added golden beads can give your nails impressive texture.

Midnight Blue

Who says green and red are the only colors of the holiday? A vibrant dark blue with shimmered with silver dust is a vibrant way to wear glitter for The holiday season.

Pretty Pudding

This delicious-looking nail art is perfect this holiday season. This manicure is quite tricky but definitely worth a try.


This is an easy nail art to try this season. Just spice up your plain white manicure with a joyful dust of green and red glitters on the tip.

Patterned Green

Paint your nails with a green nail polish and draw some tiny patterns and hearts on it.

Santa Hats

This fun looking nail design is another great nail art this Christmas. I’m sure Santa will love this too and would like you to paint his nails too.

All Wrapped Up

Imitate your preferred gift wrapping paper with glittery diagonal stripes across every nail. The wreath on your ring finger can make your nails extra lovely.

Snowflake magic

Among the best parts of the holiday season is the Snow. Enjoy those first several snowflakes of wintertime with this fine design and style on your manicure.

Thin Ribbons

Got a party to go? This simple nail art design is perfect for you, which is why they are considered ideal for mixing with your holiday party look.

Hope you enjoyed these top 10 Christmas nail art designs! I can’t wait to see you trying these designs.