Nail decals and nail slider have made their way from childhood slumber parties to red carpets fashion and fashion runways, and we could not be happier!

They are a perfect way to DIY nail art without having any kind of talent at all, and without having spent a lot of money on hand-drawn nail styles at your preferred nail beauty salon. Now, you can just use different decals and sliders and go! And the style options are limitless.

Step by step guide for nail stickers and nail sliders application

Down below is a step by step guide about how you can put on nail stickers and nail sliders:

  1. Get your nails ready for the application of slider design by first doing the basic manicure, and by putting on a base of gel polish.
  2. Apply background gel shine. You can use white nail polish for a few patterns; different colors could be used.
  3. Dry them in UV/LED lamp color, apply the top with a sticky coating. And make sure you should not take out it.
  4. Select a nail slider, cut it, and make it ready for the dimension of the nail.
  5. Place the nail sticker or nail slider on moistened with warm water cotton disk. Paper base down (about 15-30 seconds). Transfer image by sliding the design on the nail, putting in close to the cuticle(or based on style). If working with hot water, the actual slider is more stretchy and easy to work with.
  6. Smooth the film by pressing out the remaining water and air with smooth cloth or a thoroughly clean brush. Air dry or cure in the lamp. File the ends of the nail and wipe them with lint free fabric moistened in alcohol, getting rid of the remains of dirt.
  7. Finally, protect with two layers of Gel Polish Top Coat, seal the ends properly.

Hope this could help you achieve the nail art that you like!