Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that it has been four whole months since I last painted my nails for you all. That really is disgraceful!

First off, a big apology for vanishing off the face of the earth after Christmas. I very naughtily started biting my nails again, then managed to slice off a bit of the end of my finger, so have been waiting for the time to be right to come back to you all.

So of course, I had to come back on a good one.

I give you…… Tinkerbell!!



This took about an hour to do in total (and I must confess that I only painted her face on one hand!)

I started by painting a base of Sinful Colors Exotic Green, and after that had dried Iused a small paintbrush to paint the little glistening stars in Barry M Yellow and Barry M Matt White.

Next, I focussed on Tink’s face. I started by painting the shape of her head with an unnamed Nails Inc polish. Once I had the shape in place I used a mixture of the same colour and a brown to paint on her little nose, ears and jawline.

For her hair I used a small paintbrush and Barry M Yellow, and then Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream for the band in her hair. I used Barry M Matt White again for the shape of her eyes, and then used a tiny tiny paintbrush with Nails Inc Black Taxi for the eyeliner and lashes.

Her little irises are blobs of Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream again, with pupils of Nails Inc Black Taxi.

Finally, I used Mavala Poetic Rose and Barry M Matt White for her rosy lips and shiny white teeth.

I hope you like it, and I can’t wait to get back to showing you more nail art and polish reviews!


Polishes used…