Putting on nail polish without proper cleaning to it is a total disaster. In case you want a manicure which seems to be done in the salon, then these are the various tools and products you will require, to make that perfect at-home manicure and pedicure session.

Nail Clippers

It’s always a smart idea to give your nails a great cut or trimming before you decide to put on some colors. Getting nails that are the same size provides your manicure as well as pedicure a uniform and also polished look.

Nail File

Regardless of how great you are in trimming or cutting your nails, you really can’t obtain a perfectly smooth finish of nails. So you need the nail file to do the task. File your nails to eliminate any snags or even undesirable jagged edges. The nail file is also used to shape your nails according to whatever nail shape you desire – whether it’s circular, oval, square, etc.

4-Way buffing block

After you’ve filed the tips of your nails, it is also advisable to shine the surface of the nails. This will cope with any kind of ridges, and keep your nails smooth and be all set for a fresh coat of lacquer. Use the fine side to lightly buff your nails, after that use a different area to smooth the surface out, and finish off using the panel that will add sparkle.

Cuticle Pusher

Don’t forget to get rid of the gunk that’s lurking underneath your nails, and you may do this by using a cuticle pusher. You may also use this to push your cuticles back off your fingernails. The effective way of doing this is by soaking your hands or even feet in a warm water for a couple of minutes – this makes the cuticle soften and simpler to scrape.

Nail Color

This is the most interesting part of the manicure – putting on a nail color! But, just selecting a nail color to put on your nails is not enough. Make sure you choose something that will definitely last and won’t very easily chip. You may also try a method that has a base coat in it so that you won’t be getting a separate base coat.

Nail Corrector Pencil

This may not be your most important manicure tool, but having this thing on your side is a life saver. This looks like a pen which has an acetone-soaked nib that may help you take out any excess polish without messing up the rest of your manicure.


The top coat can be another lifesaver tool for your manicure. This help ensures that your manicure continues to be chip-free for considerably longer, therefore it’s a step that you need not forget to apply.

Quick Dry Solution

If you are in a hurry for any meeting or a date and you also don’t want to ruin your own newly painted nails, complete it up with a few drops involving quick-dry solution. For sure, you are good to go in just a few seconds.