Summertime is at its full-swing, and I am sure some of you are fantasizing about a Hawaiian getaway. Why don’t you enjoy and bring around some of that beach energy even when trapped at home or the office? Forget the sand as well as sun – these beautiful beach-themed nail art suggestions will put you in a summer-state-of-mind in no time! Let your newly frolicsome mani help you escape the truth that is your desk and monitor.

Beach Ball Nail Design

This beach nails will instantly lift your beach mood. It looks playful and fun. Love the color palette that stirs up never-ending retain.

Ombré Nails in Summer Theme

This simple ocean-inspired manicure that brings together all of our favorite tones of blue-greens stimulates peaceful azure oceans and sparkling sand on the tips.

Shark Nail Designs

As the summer wind gusts down, you are going to wish to show off these Shark-inspired nails.

Color-Changing Nails

We love how these various colors on nails painted. Looks so vibrant and certainly not dull!

Sea Turtle Nail Art

With this manicure, you can get a view of all the sultry underwater wildlife.

Palm Tree Nails

Get this beach nail design using a combination of mint green polish, gold glitter, and palm trees.

Starfish on the Sea

Blue and white are relaxing colors to see, and you can recreate the picture you see on the beach using these summer elements – starfish and water and add some gold glitter for the sand.

Fruit Cocktail Nail Art

All of your most loved fresh fruit – kiwis + strawberries + pineapples, as one beautiful manicure.

Ocean blue Marbling Nail Design

This marble design is perfect for a summer beach party or a pool party. What do you think?