The countdown to summer is on, so prepare yourself (and your nails) for your next summer getaway. Don’t let the remnants of your old and chipped nails during the spring season ruin your summer. Pre-stock your polish drawers/racks with one of these rightfully great summer colors that will be trendy this summer season. Pick your favorites now or pick them all.

Frosty Blue-violet

Blue nail polish might appear tricky to wear. However, this bright periwinkle purple is softened by the frosty flecks, making it complementing on any complexion.

Living Coral

The Pantone shade of the season is Living Coral, and the best way to put on this vibrant orange-y pink shade is your nails. Why not try an opaque layer across your fingernails. I’m sure it looks great on you.

Frosty Peachy Pink

Peachy-pink shade is a big hit for summer. Why? Because they complement well to sun-kissed skin.


Summer involves many a neutral nail polishes. Rather than sticking with the same nudes, grab any beige with a super-soft coral undertone.

Bronzy Polish

If vibrant and neons colors are not your thing for the summer, pick a metallic polish with a copper shade. This bronzy polish features a golden, iridescent shimmer which merely acts as a body sparkle for your nails.

Orange-y Red

Reds are fashionable just about every season, but it’s the distinct tone of red that makes all the difference. This summer season, consider warmer tones, like orange-reds, instead of deep red shades.

Neon Green

Celebs and influencers have totally embraced the slime-green shade in recent months, but if you’re not about to alter your closet, try this out on your nails with neon-green nail polish, and if you hate how it looks, you can just wipe it off.