Hey everyone! Today, I thought I’d do a little snowy manicure to match the cold weather.

Start working with the base

I started off with two coats of Glitter Daze Pure on my index finger, two coats of China Glaze Exotic Encounters on my middle and ring fingers, and two coats of OPI Solitaire on my pinky finger. I followed with SV on all of my nails, except for Solitaire, since it’s a texture coat.

Snowflake Pattern

I paired A England St. George with Messy Mansion plate Lily Anna 08 for the snowflake pattern. I love the way St. George looks over Exotic Encounters. It’s bold, but subtle at the same time. I followed with one coat of SV.

Adding the More Snowflake

I wanted to add a couple of snowflakes over Pure, but I didn’t want it to be a full nail stamp. I placed a dot large enough to cover one snowflake on the stamping plate.

I swiped and rolled the stamper on as normal, but then I used a small brush dipped in remover to clean the extra parts of the image off of the rubber piece. Once I was left with one the one snowflake, I applied it. I repeated the steps for the other snowflake, and finished with SV.

I love the end result! St. George looks so great over the champagne holo as well. Pure may be one of my all time favorite holos now!

Solitaire was such a great choice for a snowy look. The delicate sparkles are really pretty.

Here’s a macro shot to give you a better view of this awesome combo!!! I love it!

I hope you enjoyed! Happy Painting!