These days, by solely painting your nails with plain nail polish color isn’t really enough anymore. There are some remarkably creative designs out there to remodel your nail painting into actual nail art. Getting a good nail art does not really require you to get expensive tools or items, what you need is some inspiration!

We have put together a few of the best nail art hacks, making sure that you can join the trend with convenience, regardless of your resourcefulness or perceived ability.

Scotch Tape Tactic

Anyone doesn’t need the steady hand of a tattoo artist to make the excellent zig-zags or even stripe patterns. All you need is scotch tape to assist you. Make sure the base color is dried no less than an hour before taping and painting again.

DIY Stickers

Some people may find drawing or painting patterns or shapes on their nails is too tricky and difficult, but these pro hacks tend to make it so less difficult! Paint the style on a Ziploc bag allowing it to dry for a few moments so that you can peel it quickly. After that, you can stick it on the nail bed like a nail sticker, clean it up, and seal it with a topcoat. The alternatives are limitless!

French Manicure Touch Up

When your French manicure still doesn’t come out flawlessly, even the means you want it, there’s a simple way to hide your flaws without the stress of having to get started on once again. Get yourself a glitter pen from any stationery or craft store and draw a line just where the white meets the pink.

Lace Nails

Take an old piece of lace, place it around your nail, and pat the nail polish on with a make-up sponge. There you have it! An easy but complex-looking lace nail design.

Thin Stripy Nails

For an extremely thin, striped nails, you may use a fan brush. Once your base color has dried out, dip the tips of the fan brush’s bristles in a distinct color and brush over your nail in a horizontal angle. Wait for it to dry out, then continue the process using any other shades you want.