Hi everyone! I have the new texture shades from Zoya for you today, which make up the Magical Pixie Collection!


Cosmo is a silver texture coat loaded with silver hexes. The formula was a bit on the thick side and a little less than easy to apply. The hex glitters made the polish a bit difficult to manipulate. They really wanted to clump together and drag down the nail. I do like the strong shimmering look though. This actually reminded me of a geode on my nails!


Lux is a soft pink texture coat loaded with pink hexes. I had the same issues with the formula here. I do like the sweet quality of this shade. It made me this of rock candy!


Vega is a light blue texture coat loaded with light blue hexes. Again, the formula issues were very much present. I get a fun spacey vibe from this one!
Shown is two coats of Vega.

I have tried some of the other Pixie Dust shades from the earlier collections. I love them all, but the formula issues were a bit much for me. I’m not sure the addition of the hexes was the best plan for a texture coat though. What are your thoughts?