Hi everyone! I have the Valentine’s Day Trio from Tuff Scent for you today!


Kiss is a cinnamon-scented soft taupe with a silver shimmer. The formula was smooth and easy to apply. I love the cinnamon scent! It’s not too sweet and has just enough spice to overpower the usual lacquer scent. This is a really nice neutral shade!

The Valentine’s Day Trio also has a rose scented top coat. The top coat is really cute, because it has some silk rose petals and a silk leaf inside the bottle.



Love is a rose scented cherry red crelly. The formula was smooth and easy to apply. The rose scent was a bit too sweet for me, but I’m not much on sweet scents. I love this shade! It is the perfect bright red.

I really like how smooth and glossy the top coat is.

This was my first experience with this brand. I love the look of the bottles, but the cap is really tiny so it’s a bit difficult to hold, but not so much that it hinders your ability to use it.

You can find these and other great scented shades at the Tuff Scent storefront page here, and be sure to follow them on Facebook for all of their latest collections and updates.
Happy Painting!