One of the nail trends that people are starting to embrace now is this kind of nail art that involves painting the hands.

For a lot of us, the long-term benefit of nail art is that we are able to convey our preferences the real visual boundaries of hair and makeup. It is a small work of self-presentation.

And today, the canvas is expanding. The most recent nail art, mainly influenced by the 1990s, splatters on top of the fingers and hands. Glitter, rhinestones nail, and beads make up the majority of these designs.

Summertime where many of the celebrations happen, such as weddings, beach days, outdoor fairs – is actually the perfect time of year to bring in this amazing nail art look. But before you get going,  here are some helpful tips:

•    Always keep your hands free from oil before you do this nail art. Make sure your hands aren’t damp so your work will last longer.

•    Be careful with glue. If you happen to put on an excess amount of glue, it’ll contract at the edges when you top it with stuff like rhinestones or beads. And it will never be dried out clear.

•    When thinking of styles, consider how your hand artwork can match your fingernails. But don’t worry about overdoing it. This type of nail art technique was meant to being extra special.

Here are some of the nail art design ideas that turned into a hand art: