Like a child who did not hold perseverance for arts and crafts, all DIY nail art efforts were untidy, sloppy, or totally devastating. The good news is, nail decals – those tiny decals or gems you put on to part of your nail – came to the rescue.

The coolest of these were lovely hearts, floral nail design, and so much more, that could brighten up our pink peel-off polish with.

Nail Art is Possible with Nail Stickers

With nail decals, you can get elegant, sophisticated manicures without being an expert. All you really have to do is use a sticker.

Nail stickers like this from Nails Inc. ’s “Fash Tattoos. ” look just like the temporary tattoo designs you wear all over your body. Many of them are very dainty, so they turn out, making your mani appear really elegant. Pair them with a few rings, and you may call yourself a hand product.

Nail Stickers Last Long

This method takes all of a few minutes to accomplish, and they don’t budge, provided that you apply a topcoat. The nail polish actually began to chip before the decals actually began to peel off.

Mixing and matching them is sort of enslaving, and at times I have gone crazy, applying several nails decals to each fingernail. Within those situations, I’ve figured out they come off quickly along with remover.

Since they’re a lot more user-friendly than a paintbrush, I am going to give all my some other DIY tries a rest (still struggling) and stick with all these for a bit. Or at least until finally, I can discover another method to create my nails look this profesh.