The Netanix nail polish organizer is the perfect storage solution for anyone looking to keep 2-4 bottles of gel polish or ordinary nail polish handy whenever need be. This is by far the smallest organizer we have reviewed to date, although that doesn’t take away from its functionality. Designed to store a maximum of four bottles, the Neatnix cosmetic tray has a distinct, semi-transparent finish that’s a nice change from the clear acrylic which dominates the nail polish rack market. Utilizing the drawer concept that we’ve seen in the acrylic organizer sets, the interior of the Neatnix unit is slightly slanted as to allow for quick accessibility. Occupying a surface area of 21 squared inches, you’d have trouble not finding a convenient location on your bathroom counter to store this thing.

Flexible and Durable Rack

One thing we love about this product is its flexibility. You can purchase several of these cosmetic trays and stack them atop one another for additional storage. You can mix and match many of the other trays that are part of the “cosmetic stax” modular system to your heart’s content. Some of the other products that Neatnix offers can hold makeup brushes, eyeliner pencils, etc. Again, this allows you to maintain the small horizontal footprint, although accessibility to the bottom trays will be compromised a bit.

It would have been nice to see some sort of shrouding mechanism to hold the bottles in place to allow for a vertical orientation. Even without this feature, the organizer should be simple enough to move around without losing anything on the way.

Nail Polish Display

Anyone who uses nail polish on a frequent basis but doesn’t have the luxury of a large bathroom to keep their nail polish collection within close reach will greatly benefit from this small footprint cosmetic tray. It excels in all the important areas, including aesthetics, building quality, durability and finally price. Since the Neatnix nail polish tray is part of a modular system, it can help you collect all your makeup products in a centralized location for quick retrieval. Since the unit is small and doesn’t weigh much, you should be able to find some excellent deals for this organizer online. For those of you with a bigger collection of stainless steel manicure set with box, we would strongly recommend either one of the multi-level displays we have reviewed here or the acrylic tower that also makes a wonderful choice. If space is of no consequence and you are a little more flexible on your budget, these are the way to go.

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