SNS Nails Pros and Cons

Do you want to learn more about the SNS nails pros and cons? Are you interested in SNS nails after seeing them all online? This type of nail enhancement also referred to as dip manicure, has become extremely popular. It is often offered at nail salons that offer other types of manicures such as acrylics or gel nails.

Dip powder or SNS nails are totally different from the standard manicure. Instead of working with nail polish, these nail designs are created from powder. As its name suggests, you dip your fingernails into a container of colored powder, secure the color with a bonding fluid, then do the procedure again several times, and done, you have stunning and fashionable nails! You may also grow and restore thin, cracking, and peeling nails with nail hardener formula.

SNS Nails Pros And Cons

You can find many pros in selecting SNS nails both at home and at the nail salon.

  • This kind of manicure is longer lasting than a standard manicure. It can last for up to 3-4 weeks.
  • As opposed to gel, it does not involve curing under LED lamps.
  • The finished product looks natural, although somewhat thicker than gel nails.
  • SNS has a large selection of colors that you can also combine.
  • Each layer typically requires less than 3 minutes to dry, making SNS nails pretty quick to put on.

The cons of SNS nails are few but important:

  • You will require the use of acetone for removal.
  • If removed the wrong way, they can damage your natural nails. But a good cuticle oil will help with this and should be part of your day-to-day nail maintenance. Also, maintain healthy natural nails with a complete nail recovery set.

  • SNS nails are more pricey than gel nails when you have them done at a nail salon.
  • Some colors change significantly when they dry.
  • They may feel heavier than gel polish, especially if you’re used to Shellac nails.

Sanitation Concerns – Dip Powder Nails

If you dip your fingernails or put the excess dip powder that has touched your nails back in the powder container, you risk cross-contamination of nail fungus and bacteria. This is especially critical in a salon.

If you see a salon utilizing the same container for many various clients, instead of portioning out the amount of dip powder they need, you should leave and not use that salon.


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  • WHAT IS IT: The Nail Optimizer is an enriched nail hardener formula that strengthens natural nails with a contains protein and calcium to grow healthy nails, strong nails, and flexible Nails
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