If you’ve been on the hunt for a nail polish rack for sale, you need not look further than the nail polish rack. When we got a good this unit, it was very nice to see that it stood out from all its competitors. To start, the nail polish unit has a total capacity of 136 bottles, well above and beyond what other units offer in the same price range. It is constructed of a durable metal and features a very elegant black finish. Installation of the nail polish rack couldn’t be simpler. There are four mounting holes on the unit that need to be secured to ensure stable operation.

The rack itself features eight tiers, each separated by a gracious amount of space to allow for quick retrieval of the bottles. There is no grid or other apparatus that secures each bottle to the unit. That means you don’t have to worry about odd shaped bottles not fitting. There is a elegantly designed “Finger Paints” emblem at the top of the unit that adds a nice touch of flare to an otherwise plain yet sleek looking unit.

So where can I buy a cheap nail polish display rack?

Your best option would be to scour online retailers that carry the product so you can do some price comparisons. Big names in the salon industry like Sally Beauty have the product available for purchase, but be sure that it will fully satisfy your needs. Perhaps your collection of nail polish isn’t sufficient to justify the purchase of such a robust unit. Other nail polish racks like the Kayline PD1 or the Debra Lynn Professional nail polish rack may be more than enough to accommodate your current nail polish collection or your nail vinyl stencils variety pack, and leave plenty of room for future expansion.

Wall Rack for Your Nail Polish Collections

The Finger paints nail polish wall rack is an elegant storage solution for those running low on space who want to compromise the look of their bathroom. The unit is solidly constructed and won’t wither to pieces within a few months time like some cheap racks are prone to doing. The unit comes with a one year warranty that ensures minimal inconvenience in the event that something does go wrong. We thoroughly like this unit and find very few flaws with it. If you’re in the market and are in a crunch to make a purchase, this unit is a solid bet.

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