If you’re like most people with a sizeable collection of nail polish, it’s probably gotten to the point that your bathroom is relatively crowded. There is nothing more suitable for freeing up space while keeping your nail polish organized than a nail polish rack. These racks, available from quality brands like Debra Lynn, Kayline, and OPI are manufactured of thick acrylic and other materials for long-lasting operation.

Tiered Racks for Nail Polish

Most units feature a tiered structure that allows for easy retrieval of any single polish from the rack. The capacities of these units can vary greatly. If you only have a limited assortment of nail polish colors, one of the smaller units like the Kayline PD1 should suit your needs perfectly. This particular model can store 19 bottles of nail polish and has a sleek, easily maintainable finish. The more mid-size units can store up to 40 bottles, whereas the salon-grade nail polish racks tend to have a capacity of 100 or more bottles.

Where to Find Cheap Nail Polish Rack?

One of the better places to score a cheap nail polish rack is the online auction site Ebay. Among the products we were able to find was an acrylic nail polish display rack that had a capacity of 50 bottles. The display featured 5 tiers that allowed for easy visibility of each of the individual bottles of your favorite Nail Polish sparkle and also quick access to them. The unit was very comparable to the Debra Lynn Professional nail polish rack, which could store up to 55 bottles.

Nail Polish Rack in Ebay

Ebay has many other popular options to choose from, including wall racks that are the perfect choice from cramped spaces. Most of the units we’ve reviewed have been constructed of a rigid material like metal. However, you will find some custom designed products on Ebay that are also fabricated of acrylic. As you would expect from a wall mounted nail polish rack, these feature a strip that lines the edge of each shelf to prevent the bottles from falling off.

Remember that there are many online retailers from which you can purchase a discount acrylic nail polish display rack from. Amazon is among the few trustworthy retailers from which you can safely buy this product from. They have an excellent selection featuring products like the PD1 from Kayline and others. If you prefer to buy a unit that can also accommodate your makeup, the acrylic organizer tower which they offer may be of more interest. It should be able to accommodate most, if not all your makeup in addition to your collection of nail polish.

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