Hi everyone! I have a gorgeous full nail crystal charm from Born Pretty Store for you today!

I really wanted something a little ethereal to pair with this, so I immediately went for A England Fonteyn.

After my two coats of Fonteyn and one coat of SV, I used a couple of drops on nail glue and applied my embellishment.

It went on easily and fit perfectly over my nail.

I absolutely adore this accent piece!

I was so worried that it might get on my nerves, but I honestly haven’t even noticed it getting in the way with anything.

I loved this so much that I just couldn’t stop taking pictures. The drops of nail glue held this in place perfectly for four days, until I took it off myself.

It came off very clean, so I know I’ll be able to use it over and over again!

You can find this, and other great variations at Born Pretty Store..
I hope you enjoyed! Happy Painting!