Nail stickers are among the popular nail trends that many women out there love. From super cute to bold and edgy nail arts, show your own personal style in an instant. You name it, you will find your favorites whenever you browse at Amazon’s nail art sticker collections and stamp styler kits.

Considering that there are so many patterns to select from, and so many ways to wear them, options to decorate your nails are usually limitless!

If you want to make your own nail stickers, and earn from it, read the helpful tips below.

Make sure they are small

Vinyl nail stickers need to be sized around .25 inches each.

Choose Simple Patterns

Nail stickers must be simple shapes without lots of detail cut using adhesive vinyl fabric.

No transfer paper required

Transfer paper usually isn’t needed for the client to move vinyl to nail bed.

Use overcut

For Silhouette clients, you should use the overcut feature to help with making minimal cuts.

Price them right

Current online costs for handcrafted nail stickers is all around you. I would suggest pricing of a full piece 8. 5 inches by 11 inches at $4 – $5; and a half sheet of vinyl nail stickers 8. 5 inches by 6. 5 inches at $2 to $3.

Try themed nail sticker templates

Think about providing themed bundles (a number of related patterns sold together).

Earn extra cash with your Nail Stickers

Are you familiar with affiliate programs? A product similar to this lends itself well for an affiliate program. As an example, take an item photo of your nail decal on your newly painted nail.

In the text, you may note the brand and color of the nail polish and an affiliate link to buy it. You will make money whenever someone buys the nail polish from your link, and it isn’t in competition to the item you are selling.

Incorporate Application Instructions for your Nail Stickers

Of course, always be sure to provide customers instructions to use and remove the nail decor sticker sheets.