Hi everyone!! Today, I’m going to share this mermaid scale manicure that I really love.


Snafu is an ivory linear holographic with a soft subtle golden shimmer, and is sparked with fleck of teal and iridescent turquoise.

I am absolutely over the moon with this shade!! The linear effect is perfect, and the sparks catch the light brilliantly!

Since I wanted Snafu and Get Weaponized to go together, I really wanted to see this pair together.

Create a Gradient

I used a wedge sponge to create a gradient. I love these together! They have such a dreamy mermaid look!

Add the Scales

I went one step further with the mermaid idea and added some scales.

I paired A England Queen of Scots with Mash-39 plate, and finished with one coat of SV.

I really hope you love Snafu as much as I do! This is just such an exciting day!!
Happy Painting!