Water marble nail design is among the nail art techniques implicating dropping nail lacquers into crystal clear water and making any pattern on the water surface. The design conceptualized is then transferred to the nails.

The marbling method in nail art is done by incorporating nail polish into a bowl of water and also somewhat manipulating the colors by wriggling around so that when you dip your fingernails in it, you end up having a very classy-looking marble result on your nails!

Nail Polishes That Work For Water Marbling

If you’re interested trying out water marbling nail art, remember that not all nail polishes work with this method and some nail polishes do not work well with each other. Basically, it will depend on the nail polish formula. Maybe, try creamy polishes for marbling and avoid using thick and old polishes.

Try to play around with brands like Sally Hansen Extreme Wear, OPI, China Glaze, Essie , Sinful Colors, Dance Legend, Picture Polish, or Bonita Colors.

 It’s easier than it sounds. Here, we have impressive marble nail art designs and ideas.