Are you thinking about starting a nail beauty salon business? Or do you want to keep clients returning, get sanitation, organization, & high-class treatment within your salon?

As we most know, it would not appear professional if you’re a nail technician who’s using a coffee table to do a manicure on their client. Your client would surely feel awkward when you do this. But if you are to bring your own mobile nail station with a manicure table, your client would definitely get the feeling like you know what you’re doing.

If you are doing manicures at your own home then you don’t require it to be transportable. But still, it has to be a designated table for manicure work and not just an ordinary table.

In a nail salon set up, nothing promotes better than a nice-looking professional manicure table. A nail table is essential for every expert nail technician.

So here are set of guidelines for your manicure table selection!

Obviously, this is different for each person, are you currently buying for your nail salon or a mobile nail business? Some workstations are within the expensive price range for established nail salons, and there are also very affordable ones like portable manicure tables.

Could it be just going to serve its function as a table or do you want it to have some other functions like a downdraft nail vent or a light? If you don’t know, manicure tables can incorporate a lot of extra good features more than just a simple manicure table. Something that you may not have even taken into account.

Depending on the thing you need, you should consider the size you would like it to be. It could be unnecessary purchasing a large heavy table if you’re a mobile nail technician, and the other way round.

Design and style
The style is very important too other than the main features. As we all know, first impression last, so it’s great if you have a pretty manicure table to use that you can be proud of. The style and design of your manicure table really matter since it makes You and your business look good, plus it makes your client feel that they’re getting a high-class nail treatment from you.

Features for Best Manicure Tables?

  • Lamps
  • Downdraft nail vent
  • Wheels on the table for easy mobility
  • Compartments to keep all of your nail tools and devices.
  • Hand rest soft cushions (for both client and the nail technician)
  • Conveniently cleanable surfaces to maintain the table looking great

I hope these give you little understanding on what to consider when buying a manicure table that you can use for your home or salon, or something that you can bring with if you’re a mobile nail technician.