How do you like this piCture pOlish shades?


Eyre is a metallic cobalt blue scattered particle holographic. The formula was rich and very easy to apply. Shown is two coats of Eyre.

I absolutely love this shade! It has such amazing depth to it, even in dimmer lighting!!

Nail Vinyls Application

For this design, I started off with a clean white base, followed by one coat of SV. I applied the larger straight nail vinyls diagonally across the nail, and applied one coat of Peaches n’ Cream. I followed again with one coat of SV. Next, I applied three of the smaller straight nail vinyls down the nail, and added one coat of Tiffany, followed by one final coat of SV.

I really like the final look! It reminds me of a beachside ice cream parlor!!

I like the nail vinyl very much. They attached to the nail really well, and were very easy to remove also. I didn’t have any problems with air pockets along the edges either.

For an easier guide, here’s a step by step gif: