Hi everyone!! Today, I’m gonna show you some of my favorite mainstream nail polish favorites that I wanna share with you guys! So let’s start

Color Club – Holy Chic!

This was such an obvious choice for me. I find myself using this so often. It’s just such a beautiful color. I really can’t get enough of it. I should probably get a few more back up bottles.

Nicole by OPI – The Coral of the Story

You all know I’m crazy for corals. This has to be my definite fave for corals of the year – which is saying a lot because we saw so many corals this year!

OPI – Short Stop

I know, I was just as surprised as you are. Reds are never my go-to pick, but this one just screams at me. It’s just so classic but there’s something almost muted about it as well. I love it!

Color Club – Kapow!

This is another shade that I just can’t stop using. The name is just stupid accurate too, because it packs such a punch!

OPI – Can’t aFjord Not To

This peachy orange is just so hard to look away from. It’s creamy and bold and such fun to wear!

OPI – My Dogsled is a Hybrid

Aqua is my color, clearly. Aquas were pretty big this year – no complaints here – and this one just stood above all the rest to me. It’s beautiful!

Color Club – The Sweet Life

I love everything about this one. It’s like wearing newsprint – and that’s just awesome.

China Glaze – Release

I didn’t think this would be a fave when I first wore it. But they soft grey undertone really hooked me.

Nicole by OPI – Sing You Like a Bee

This is just a stunning shade any way you look at it. That golden shimmer is just amazing.

Zoya – India

I think this shade has more depth than the freaking ocean. It just sparks!!

OPI – Comet in the Sky

This is definitely my favorite mainstream glitter topper. Those inky black hexes mixes with the iridescent hexes makes for such an eye-catching look.

Nicole by OPI – Sand in my Shoe

I really didn’t think of this as being a fave for me, until I realized just how many times I wore this one this year. It’s a great texture, and the color is so different from all the other textures released this year.

Color Club – Tribe and True

I knew this green would earn a fave spot the minute I saw it in the bottle. And it’s a jelly! How great is that?!

Barielle – My Week Away

This dusty pink would have been fantastic on it’s own, but that green shimmer really raised the bar!

China Glaze – Lotus Begin

How beautiful is this one?! I mean, really!! It’s so sweet and feminine.

So there you have it! Happy Painting!