By staring at the completed look of this leopard nail design, you will think that this is so difficult to do. However, this fashionable nail art is very easy to recreate with just a bit of dedication as well as patience. Aren’t the results surprising? I’m sure the crowd will love this particular animal pattern, and it appears so bold and trendy.

Materials Needed for this nail design

  • Nude nail polish
  • Light brown or beige nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Nail art brush

Step-by-step Guide:

  1. For your base, use two coats of the nude nail polish.
  2. Using your brush, make unequal spots using the light brown or beige nail polish.
  3. As soon as it dries, use the dark nail polish to contour the spots, leaving spaces in the middle.
  4. Top it up with a clear coat polish.

Voila! You now have the cute nails to show off. I’m sure you will get many words of flattery for this classic design!

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