Nail stickers are fantastic. They allow you to incorporate some joyful and creative nails, even if you have little or no skill for nail arts. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually really, really easy! And as soon as they are put on correctly, they last longer and give you unlimited choices for intense nails. Nail decals are so stylish these days that you could find a wide range of distinct shades and various shapes.

Various items can be done to help in keeping nail stickers in position much longer:

The very first thing you want to do is start with the correct vinyl, just like the 651 permanent outdoor vinyl. This vinyl has a better adhesive, which sticks to your nails for a longer time.

You also need to wait around for a few hours after painting your nails to put on the vinyl graphics using a little bit of transfer tape or paper. After you have put on the vinyl nail decal, use a clear coating over it to help keep it always in place. You can include a new clear coating daily if you would like.

Nail stickers will stay on your toenails much longer than those that are put on your fingernails. In my case, I’ve had vinyl stickers on my toes for a number of weeks.

How Long Vinyl Nail Stickers Last?

The longest I have been able to preserve a vinyl nail decal on my fingernails is about seven days – it actually outlasted my nail polish during a recent trip to Canada! The larger the nail artwork, the longer it should stay.

If you wanted to keep your nail stickers to stay to your nails considerably longer, then try all these tips next time you consider to give DIY nail art a go at home with your own vinyl nail decals!