Pearly Pink Tones – The Professional

Light pink is the best neutral of the nail polish community. The color is ideal for any office setting or event and often looks clean and proper. Wearing a pearly color signifies that you value professionalism and usually aim to look organized.

Classic Red – The Glamorous

Hard to neglect, red nail polish shows the universe that you’re confident and ready to be prominent. This nail polish color is not just perfect for valentine’s day but alll year round!

Accept the Prove It Challenge

As far as vibrant polishes go, red is still a classic. Do not be worried to rock it in the office environment.

Black – The Femme Fatale

In the same way that black clothing communicates power and also authority, black polish exhibits that you are not an individual to be messed with. For a more modest alternative, try navy blue or perhaps grey. Both colors seem sleek and will match almost everything in your wardrobe.

Clean White – You are a Clear Slate

A clean white polish leaves you open to unlimited opportunity. The color looks fresh as well as airy in the summertime and also clean and classy in the winter season.

Crystal Clear – I Care, but I’m Busy

It is advisable to go bare than to have cracked polish. And some weeks, it’s best to miss out high-maintenance shades once and for all. A clear shellack conveys to individuals that you care about your appearance and focus on detail, but too occupied.

Artistic Nails – The Playfully Creative

Any adventurous manicure tells individuals you’re not scared of taking risks and that you value your personality. It also shows that you’re willing to devote your time to the beauty salon.

Gemstone Tones – The Classic Chick with a Twist

The shades that correspond Emerald, Sapphire, and amethyst, are all a bit trendier than traditional pinks and reds, but not as out there as nail art and neon. When they feel too vibrant for your fingertips, try them onto your toes.

Neon Colors – The Spontaneous

If you work in a traditional, or even slightly conservative workplace, save the neon shades for holidays and vacation time. Bright colors can feel excessively youthful, and when not performed nicely, can also look cheap.

Nude Shades- The Low-maintenance

Nude nail colors look pretty and polished in the most modest way. Imagine beiges and creams as the more contemporary type of pearly pink.