Gel manicure enthusiasts often commend the vibrant, glossy color with pigment and sparkle as their factors for loving the long-lasting formulas. However, that same advantage can also be wreckage to the well being of your nails. Having anything on the nails for long periods may dry them out.

These four easy tips will help you achieve that goal:

Avoid Nail Picking and Biting

These are generally two habits you must break right away. Doing so will take off layers of the nail. A good topcoat will help avoid this because it protects your color and helps to keep it from flaking away.

Get a Complementing Color for Your Home Manicure

If you somehow manage to nick your manicure, then it is clever to get a nail polish in your color of choice to keep at home for on-the-fly repairs

Love and Take Care of Your Cuticles

Your cuticles can have a significant effect on how your nails will look. Dehydrated, cracking cuticles not only make your nails look untidy, but they may also cause hangnails and may hurt. An excellent treatment is to keep your cuticle oil like OPI ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil To Go on hand to moisturize and soothe your nail beds.

Be Hands-On

Getting a regular regimen is a guaranteed way to get – to hold – your hands in great condition. It’s advisable that you use a hand scrub, then a hand therapeutic massage with cream, and then complete with cuticle oil. Should you be unable to do a full routine, at least, apply a cream. Leave it somewhere exactly where you will see it as much as possible. To get the most advantage, it needs the opportunity to soak in, so apply it just before bedtime.