So you got that nice manicure or pedicure not too long ago and its already chipping! How can you prevent this and not waste anymore money? Well thankfully I’m here to help you with that. If you follow my instructions, you can keep your nails looking fresh for a long time after you get them done.

We first need to start at the base coat for your nails. The base coat sets up how your nail polish will stick and stay onto your nails. Be sure to use a base coat with strengthening and growth formula. This will keep your nails healthy and allow the nail polish to stick to a clean surface. After applying the base coat, you should let it dry for about a minute. Apply a second coat if you feel it is necessary.

UV protection for nails

After completing your manicure, there are some steps you should take to make sure that your manicure continues looking fresh and clean. For example, you should make sure to use a top coat on top of the color to seal the color. Some top coats have UV protection, which protects your nails from damage caused by sunlight. Using this type of top coat will insure that your nails stay looking nice.

Wait until it’s fully dried

You need to also make sure that you allow your nail polish or if you are using gold glitter French nail polish to fully dry before working with your hands. If you don’t wait, you can easily smudge the polish and ruin an entire manicure. To speed up this process you can run your nails under some cold water. Nevertheless, you still need to wait at least an hour before really working with your hands. Don’t slip on close toed shoes after getting your toes done. If you must use shoes, wear flip-flops so that your toenails won’t rub up against something and become ruined.

Protect your polished nails from harsh chemicals

Be sure to wear gloves when using cleaning products. The chemicals found in most cleaning products are harsh and will definitely ruin your nails. Anything abrasive will also be sure to rub the nail polish off of your nail beds.

Extra barrier

To keep your nails looking nice for some time, you should re-apply top coat to them. This will allow the nail polish to stay on longer because the top coat provides a barrier between water and other substances that can ruin your nails. There are also top coat “stickers” that you can apply on top of your nail polish to allow the nails to look fresher a longer period of time. You need to really make sure that your nail polish is completely dry before sticking them onto your nails so that the nail polish doesn’t smudge and make a sticky mess.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Lastly, its important to moisturize your hands so that hang nails don’t re-appear and ruin the look of your nails. If hang nails do show up again, just make sure to use a cuticle trimmer to cut them away. Lotion will help the skin around your nails as well as your hands look soft and improve the overall appearance of your manicure or pedicure.

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