Chipped nail polish could be the worst. To some, it’s not a big deal, but for many, it can be a difficult issue to repair.

Patch it up. Thoroughly put on a thin layer of polish towards the chipped area (not the entire nail) before applying topcoat to hide the sides of the wet blob. This can guarantee the patch integrates into the other parts of the nail.

Cut it. Chips commonly occur on the top side of the nail, where the most contact through everyday routines happens. Having a nail clipper, snip from the chip without removing a lot of length off of the nail, as well as adjust some other nails to match up. As soon as you’ve removed the chip, put on a clear top coating and cover the actual polish along the tip of the nail, leading the polish brush from left to right to left to cover it. This may be the quickest remedy, but it can actually reduce the life of your manicure because colored nails that are already filed or trimmed are susceptible to more chipping because the seal at the tip area of the nail is worn out.

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Dress it up. Having chipped nails doesn’t mean that you had to do an entire hand polish. Rather, get a metallic or even a glittery nail  formula and put on a few layers through the damaged nail, till the flaw is not noticeable. French tip could be a good option to hide this flaw, but you may try stripes or dots too using your dotting tool. And when you’re feeling daring, a few drops of superglue and small rhinestone is going to do the technique but make sure it won’t look overwhelming.

You may also try these techniques to disguise chipped nail polish.

Glitter tip – French manicure is a good way to hide nail imperfections on the tip of your nails but instead of the plain white coating, why not try glittery stuff instead of the usual white polish – it’s a French manicure with a twist

Glitter dots – Another smart thing to do to hide those ugly chips is adding little dots on the chipped area, but make sure that you distribute evenly or randomly the dots into other nails, so it will still look gorgeous.

Accent nail — One of the trends today is an accent nail. Put on a contrasting color to one of your five fingernails.

Hope you like these tricks!